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Attorney Testimonials

Attorney Testimonials

The following is not intended by Chickie’s Bail Bonds to suggest in any manner the name of or recommend any attorney to any arrestee or person acting for an arrestee. The arrestee or person acting for an arrestee should and is encouraged to seek the services of a qualified attorney, as deemed necessary, and access the California State Bar website for a referral at

“The first few hours after an arrest are some of the most critical. The confusion, stress, and need to bring order to the chaos can be overwhelming; unless, of course, you have the right people in your corner. No one is better than Chickie and her team. Middle of the day or middle of the night, someone always is available to respond promptly and expertly. They understand the legal issues and the potential consequences involved. And, in these tough economic times, they will work with you. So whether you or a loved one is facing charges, from D.U.I. to murder, and needs to be bailed out, your best choice is Chickie’s Bail Bonds. Chickie’s has my highest recommendation.”

Richard M. Sudar, Esq.

Criminal Defense Attorney

I have been practicing for 25 years, and in that time I have never called anyone else but Chickie to handle bail. There is a reason for that.

Nina Marino

“Chickie’s is simply the best in the business! Honest, accessible, experienced, dedicated, with superior knowledge and exceptional ability to properly handle every case, every time – and fast! I trust you completely, and my clients appreciate all you do!”

Steve Meister

“I never want my clients in jail. With Chickie, they are out instantly.”

Robert Shapiro, Esq.

“Chickie’s Bail Bonds is absolutely the elite of the bail bond business. Chickie and Mitch have provided first class service to my firm and our clients for years – from bailing someone out now on a $1 million bond, to getting a celebrity home through a paparazzi gauntlet, to instant and reliable information, day or night. They are simply the best!”

John D. Vandevelde, Esq.

“For more than a decade, Chickie’s Bail Bonds has consistently delivered the very highest level of professional support to our firm and its clients. Chickie’s has our complete confidence and receives our highest recommendation.”

Paul Takakjian, Esq.

“Chickie and her partners are totally professional, immediately responsive and a pleasure to deal with. They are respectful of the clients and respected by the courts and law enforcement. What more could an attorney ask!”

Michael Nasatir, Esq.

“I met Chickie when she was passing out aspirin to get rid of bail headaches. Now she gets rid of the headaches without the aspirin.”

John Yzurdiaga, Esq.

“I have practiced criminal law for 39 years. There is no one that provides better service and has as much knowledge and empathy as CHICKIE’s BAIL BONDS.”

John Bryant Artz

“If your client is in jail

Call on Chickie without fail

Her great service you’ll never doubt

and your guy will soon be out.”

Richard G. Hirsch, Esq.

“When any of my clients are “tied” up, the first call is to Chickies crew.”

John J. Nazarian

“I keep Chickie’s Bail Bonds at the top of my speed dial. When a client is arrested, it is one of the most stressful times not only for them, but for their friends and family. One phone call and I know what to expect. Chickie and her staff are intelligent and compassionate. They secure the client’s release smoothly and efficiently. Thank you for always making us look good.”

Richard Kaplan

Kaplan Marino – A Criminal Defense Law Firm

“I absolutely trust Chickie’s with all of my bail needs, and would not DREAM of using anyone else. Chickie’s is reliable, personable. ready at a moment’s notice, and did I say reliable? If you need bail, you MUST go with Chickie’s. They are four cuts above the rest.”

Steve Levine

“I have practiced law since 1968 in Los Angeles. I had used other Bail Bonds Companies in the past. About 12 years ago, I had the great fortune to start using Chickie and her employees. Chickie and her staff proved to the the most professional, efficient, comforting, and all around capable. No others can compare.”

Alan A. Katz, Esq.

A Professional Law Corporation

“I have used Chickie for bonds for all of my clients for over 20 years. There really is no second choice. You call to ask them to help and whomever you get, Chickie, Mitch, Debbie, Karen, they all are immediately on the case and will do everything within their power to help the client. They never misrepresent anything, they never mislead the client, you never have to make excuses for them. 100% of the time, if it is humanly possible to post a bond for a client, they will get it done.”

Brad Brunon

“Chickie, Mitch, Debby and Karen are unique in the bail bond industry, entirely competent and incredibly efficient. They are a pleasure to work with. And, they prepare the best 1275/Nebbia bail packages any attorney could ask for. They’re simply the best there is!”

Steve Mandell