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Scoop From the Coop – Issue 6


For the past three decades as Chickie’s Bail Bonds has served the needs of the legal community, we have felt a need to express our gratitude to the lawyers who have been instrumental in creating our success and who continue to support us, some of whom have been by our side these entire thirty years.

Many years ago we established the “Chickie’s Bail Bonds Holiday Party” held in early November which many of our lawyer friends tell us they look forward to every year as the kickoff to the holiday season. Several years ago we created the “Million Dollar Club” where special acknowledgement is paid to those lawyers referring a bail bond of a half million or more.

The “Million Dollar Party” was held this year at the beautiful Wilshire Restaurant – an “Evening Under the Stars”, and as you see by the photographs, everyone had a wonderful time.

In our continuing effort to “give back”, we are considering taking on a new project next year. All of us support worthy charities but I believe there are many not-so-significant groups that make significant contributions to society. I am thinking of the life saving efforts where battered women are kept safe, where teenage drug addicts are brought in from the streets and saved from a life of prostitution and degradation. So many wonderful organizations doing wonderful work but very much under the radar and not well known.

Chickie’s Bail Bonds will be researching possible groups and suggest that if you are aware of any such organizations that would appreciate a bit of help, let us have the information. During the holiday season we are all swept up on the joy of giving – I like to think that joy can be spread all year long!

Enjoy our photos – enjoy our newsletter – and enjoy your summer!

Best wishes,

Featured Attorney BRAD BRUNON

Overheard at a recent social event, spoken in reverence and awe


The following is not intended by Chickie’s Bail Bonds to suggest in any manner the name of or recommend any attorney to any arrestee or person acting for an arrestee. The arrestee or person acting for an arrestee should and is encouraged to seek the services of a qualified attorney, as deemed necessary, and access the California State Bar website for a referral at

Upon entering the law office of Brad Brunon one becomes immediately aware of the large number of impressive awards, degrees and citations adorning two of his office walls. Even more impressive to your roving reporter was the dismissive manner of this modest lawyer, his demeanor being “oh, that is nothing special”.

Bradley William Brunon was born in Inglewood California and was raised in modest circumstances. He has fond memories of visiting his grandmother in Arkansas where he spent his summers doing manual labor, everything from hacking hay in 110 degree weather to physically driving pigs “up the ramp” to be slaughtered. At one time he drove the switch engine on the local railroad train.

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Bail 101: Behind the Paper

Little is known about the role of the insurance company when it comes to writing bail bonds. Clients and attorneys alike simply make a telephone call to Chickie’s Bail Bonds and in most cases the defendant is out of custody in a matter of hours. The staff at Chickie’s prides itself on the ability to work quickly and efficiently in order to deliver the service you have come to expect and while yes, we are that good all on our own, there are occasions when we bring in the support staff of our insurance company when posting an unusually large bond.

AIA is composed of a group of dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to support their network of agents; so let’s take a look “Behind the Paper” and introduce you to AIA Insurance Services – “Our Partners in Crime”.

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In this edition of “Scoop from the Coop” we are giving voice to both a well-known, respected organization, the Criminal Courts Bar Association (CCBA) and to Narconon, a well-known drug program that saves lives every day. We will continue to present you with articles that we hope will interest and enlighten you.


History of the CCBA

Celebrities and CCBA

Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra, CCBA President, Bruce Richland

The Criminal Courts Bar Association of Los Angeles ( was founded sixty years ago and has included the brightest and best minds in the history of (Los Angeles) criminal defense. The association boasts the most skilled and experienced negotiators and trial lawyers, bar none.

The nineteen fifties saw the birth of the CCBA and those whoestablished the legacy of the Criminal Courts Bar Association. Our charter members included James Cooney, the man whose name graces the thirteenth floor lounge of the Criminal Courts Building, which the CCBA sponsors and maintains, and Jerry Giesler, namesake of the award given annually by the CCBA in recognition of an attorney’s “outstanding skill, great expertise, perseverance, and unrelenting efforts in successfully representing his clients at trial.”

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Rehab and Recidivism
Criminal Recidivism Graph

As can be readily seen by the study below, the case for treating drug abusing criminal offenders is compelling!

Not only does effective treatment decrease future drug use and drug-related criminal behavior; it also improves the individual’s relationships with his or her family, improves prospects for future employment and most importantly, gives the offender a real chance of regaining a sense of his self-worth. Return a person’s own integrity, and you will fully and truly rehabilitate the criminal.

CLICK HERE to read about one program that is making a difference.

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