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Scoop From the Coop – Issue 5


67[1]Chickie’s Bail Bonds has always strived to do the very best for our clients and sometimes that means not posting a bond until arrangements have been made for our client to go directly into treatment immediately upon release. Time and time again we work with parents who have children struggling with addiction. In their desperation to help their child they want them out of custody immediately which so often does not serve anyone’s best interest.

We are very pleased to present the following article written by attorney Gilbert Geilim, describing his experience with Narconon, a drug and alcohol treatment program where we have seen our clients experience amazing success!

On behalf of all of us at Chickie’s Bail Bonds I would like to wish you and yours a very happy Holiday Season. We look forward to working with you in the coming New Year!

Best wishes,


NARCONON: The Way Back from Addiction

To The Readers:

I have been practicing criminal law for the last thirty years here in Los Angeles and in cities and states all over the United States. During the many years of practice I have represented hundreds of people who use and abuse drugs of every type. From cocaine, heroin, crack, meth and the inevitable combination of all or some of those, including the now and ever more insidious pain killers. For those who abuse, it is always the same result, sneaking around, breaking laws, bad personal and family relationships an ever declining state of health, the eventual fiscal cliff which can lead to ever more insidious behavior and the final fall from grace. Drug abuse will eventually end one up in jail. This is rock bottom. For all of those who indulge excessively will inevitably end up hitting rock bottom.

In my experience as a lawyer, the way back is the hardest journey that an addicted individual will ever have to face. For those who are committed to getting straight there is a way out! As they say in the drug rehabilitation program that I recommend in many of my cases, “The way out is the way through”. This program is called


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Successful and Happy

The following is not intended by Chickie’s Bail Bonds to suggest in any manner the name of or recommend any attorney to any arrestee or person acting for an arrestee. The arrestee or person acting for an arrestee should and is encouraged to seek the services of a qualified attorney, as deemed necessary, and access the California State Bar website for a referral at

Your roving reporter and trusty sidekick had a delightful time interviewing this month’s honorees, Nina Marino and Richard Kaplan of “Kaplan Marino.” This unique couple has discovered the secret to working together and living together and being successful and happy at both.

Nina and Rick met in 1989 when a large succession of Nina’s “not guilty” verdicts in the West LA “trailer” court so impressed Rick, he initiated a friendship which ultimately led to their marriage
in 1993 and subsequent birth of two children, currently 15 and 16 years of age.

Nina and Rick’s backgrounds are quite different, Nina having been born and raised in New York and attending University of Miami; Rick was born and raised in Los Angeles and graduated from UCSB and Pepperdine University.


Bail 101:


We all love to go to Costco, so many choices, every aisle filled with unique and fun products and let’s not forget those hot dogs. NO ONE has more delicious hot dogs than Costco. But what happens when you need someone to help you – how long do you stand in aisle 36 waiting for someone in the red vest to show up to point you in the right direction?

We have all lamented the warehousing of America where bigger is better – or is it? Remember when we went to the small town drugstore and how much fun was it to go to a Tru Value hardware store. Now instead we schlep to the one stop mega store where you can find just about anything – anything but good customer service!

The bail bond industry is not immune to this problem and sadly we have seen the “Costcoing” (yes, that is a term we have coined) of the industry and the decline of the very personal touch needed in dealing with clients in need of bail.


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