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Scoop From the Coop – Issue 1


As the owner of Chickie’s Bail Bonds I am pleased to present our first edition of

“Scoop from the Coop” and hope that you find the articles interesting and enlightening.

We are pleased to present Karl Henry as our very first featured attorney; Karl is a well-known and beloved figure in the legal community and has an interesting history.

“Bail 101” will be an on-going forum wherein we will bring you into the world of the bail agent keeping you up-to-date on bail related issues that affect you and your clients.

I founded Chickie’s Bail Bonds in 1984 with the intent of providing the highest level of professional bail bond service to attorneys and their clients and after 27 years we are so very privileged to work with many of the most highly respected lawyers in Southern California. My staff and I bring over a century of combined experience in the bail bond industry and are available to you at a moment’s notice.

“CALL CHICKIE – SHE COMES TO YOU” has been our motto since our inception and continues today.

On behalf of all of us at Chickie’s Bail Bonds I want to wish you and yours a very happy, healthy and prosperous holiday season!!

Best wishes,


Featured Attorney


The Making of a Beloved Legal Icon

The following is not intended by Chickie’s Bail Bonds to suggest in any manner the name of or recommend any attorney to any arrestee or person acting for an arrestee. The arrestee or person acting for an arrestee should and is encouraged to seek the services of a qualified attorney, as deemed necessary, and access the California State Bar website for a referral at

Karl Henry

As with so many who have achieved success in life, Karl Henry’s history includes humble beginnings. Born and raised in Chicago, Karl worked as a merchandiser for Schlitz brewery before moving with his wife and children to California. Upon relocating to Los Angeles he landed a job as a shoe salesman working his way up to store manager. After entering Southwestern Law School in 1963 Karl worked for Pabst brewery during the day while attending classes at night.

During these busy years he affiliated himself with a non-profit organization “Green Power” which was established after the Watts Riots to help find employment for those individuals deemed “unemployable”. He also spent some time in the aerospace industry working for McDonald Douglas in their ballistic missile program.

A big day in the life of the Henry family occurred in 1970 when Karl passed the state bar exam. Karl affectionately recalls that upon receiving the news he took his family to Teddy’s Restaurant to celebrate the big event. Two weeks later Karl resigned from McDonald Douglas, obtained a small business loan and went into private practice assuring his wife that “he had always provided for her and the kids and would continue to do so as an attorney”.


Bail 101: DID YOU KNOW?

Running the Gauntlet of the

Los Angeles County Jail

For our first issue we thought it might be helpful to give our readers a refresher course in bail or as we like to call it “Bail 101”. The following is intended to enlighten and inform you on what has become the increasingly slow, painful and frustrating process of getting your clients bailed out of the county system. Also known as:

Welcome To The Gauntlet !!!

Businessman in Jail

Here is a typical scenario: You call
Chickie’s Bail Bonds to advise that your client has just been arrested and wants to be bailed out right away. We get to work and learn that he/she has been taken to the county jail or local sheriffs department to be booked. Sounds like a simple matter of running to the jail to post the bond right?

Unfortunately not so simple.


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